About Us

Grace Outdoors has been in business for over 17 years and we are known for the high level of quality we provide in delivering our services. We are passionate about the outdoors and this reflects in the standard of the building and garden maintenance services we deliver.


The work we have performed and ongoing for a broad range of clients like the iconic One Central Park Apartments Chippendale including strata schemes, building management companies, and individuals, spans the following areas:

  • Building maintenance (including rope access and high-rise works, window cleaning and façade maintenance)

  • Structural work (including pergola, decking, and patio works)

  • Gardening (including general gardening, landscaping and green wall works)


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We pride ourselves on our can-do and no-fuss attitude. Our clients value the comprehensive range of expert services we are able to provide with the ultimate level of discretion and safety. Our client-first approach recognises that clients (and, in particular, residents) want work performed with the minimum level of disturbance and as efficiently as possible.


We employ highly qualified, experienced, and skilled workers with a broad range of expertise. These workers include rope access technicians, carpenters, horticulturists, gardeners, and general maintenance workers.

Aside from the quality of our work, what sets us apart from others is our ability to provide workers with specific expertise to undertake a broad range of outdoor works. For example, we have some of Sydney’s most experienced and skilled rope access technicians who can undertake high-rise works to building facades, as well as horticultural experts who can undertake gardening works.


Ultimately however, it is our commitment to undertaking the highest standard of work which is our trademark and which has gone uncompromised for almost two decades. 

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